Airport History & Data FAQs

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) is jointly owned and operated by the Cities of Fort Collins and Loveland. Located in the heart of Northern Colorado, FNL serves an important transportation role for the Northern Colorado region. It is one of fourteen commercially certified airports in the State of Colorado.

Q. How old is the Airport?

A. The Airport was founded in 1963 with operations beginning in 1964.

Q. What are the Airport Stats?


Main Runway 15/33: 8,500 feet long, 100 feet wide | Crosswind 06/24: 2,273’ x 40’ | 139 Certificated Airport | Index B ARFF | High-intensity lighting | Direct, no-delay, all-weather ATC approaches | Full ILS, VOR/DME and RNAV | Based aircraft: 245 | Hangars: 210 | CTAF: 122.7 | AWOS: 135.075

Q. What Class Airspace is FNL?

A. Currently we are Class E airspace, this will upgrade to Class D once Remote Tower is active.

Q. What’s the biggest aircraft the Airport can accommodate?

A. A Boeing 757

Q. How many cars can your parking lot accommodate?

A. 500

Q. How many people can your terminal accommodate?

A. 320

Q. How big is the Airport?

A. 1,050 acres, only 314.7 acres are available for development, the rest is reserved for aircraft movement (i.e. runway, taxiways, etc…)

Q. How many operations does the Airport have?

A. Approximately 94,000 per year with 245 based aircraft

Q. How much is fuel out there?

A. FBO services are managed by an on-Airport business, Fort Collins-Loveland jetCenter, you can find their prices published at: