Aviation Involvement FAQs

Q. How do I get my kid or myself set up with those introductory flights?

A. You can contact the Fort Collins EAA Chapter 515 Young Eagles program for flight experiences and other flight related activities for kids and the EAA Eagle Flights program for adults.

Q. How can I get Airport access?

A. Our Airport is 139 certified, meaning we are a commercial service airport with security.  You will need to have a legitimate reason to access the Airport and complete a badge application and driver’s training test.  You must be at least 12 years old to get an Airport security badge.  Applications and tests are on our site at: www.flynoco.com/pilot-resources/badging

Q. When does the Wings of Freedom Tour return?

A. The Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour returns every July.  Additional information can be found on their site at: www.collingsfoundation.org

Q. How do I hire those small planes; how much to get those small Cessnas to fly me somewhere; how do I get a pilot to fly me somewhere?

A. Sometimes the pilots at the flight training schools will offer such services privately.  Go to our Business Directory and scroll down to flight training to contact the schools located on our Airport.  Please note costs to hire a pilot typically include the costs to rent the plane, the fuel, the entirety of the pilot’s time, and the landing and/or ramp tie down fees for the entire duration of your trip.  Pilots out at Greeley Airport have been known to offer such services more frequently than at our Airport.  Greeley Airport’s number is: 970-336-3000

Q. How do I get a job/internship at the Airport?

A. Please see the City of Loveland’s Employment Opportunities page to see available positions and internships at the Airport. For positions related to actual flight operations you will need to apply directly to the airline, flight school, and/or charter airline you are interested in. Positions for line service and other FBO related jobs, please contact our FBO, they are a business that operates on the Airport. You can find contact information for all the businesses that operate on the Airport on our Business Directory page here.  Additional airports with internship programs can also be found on CDOT Aeronautic’s page at: www.codot.gov/programs/aeronautics/internships.

Q. Can I set up an Airport tour/field trip for my class; troop; kids; home-school?

A. Please note this is Airport Operations & Administration. We do not have aircraft or hangars at our disposal. Airport operations provides maintenance for safety and security for the Airport, such as runway, gates, and grounds maintenance as well as all the administrative and governing tasks such as grant management and budgeting.  If you do want a presentation for your group on the Airport’s economic impacts for our region, please contact us at Airport@cityofloveland.org.  Please note this presentation is geared  towards high school age and older.

For field trip/tours that actually relate to Aircraft itself, we suggest you contact the following businesses that operate on our Airport: jetCenter, Leading Edge, The Flying School (aka Colorado Contrails), and/or Front Range Helicopters to see about a possible partnership for your event.  They would have the resources available that actually relate to aircraft itself. You can find their contact information on our business directory page at: www.flynoco.com/home/about/business-directory.

Another great resource, especially if you are looking for flight experiences would be to contact the Fort Collins EAA Chapter 515 at: www.515.eaachapter.org

Another note is that we are Class E airspace, which means we currently do not have an active tower; however, we were awarded the Remote Tower project.  So some time in 2018 we will have an active Remote Air Traffic Control Tower that may be toured; however, tours will be limited to prearranged intervals.  If you are interested in updates on this project and the tour schedule once it’s created, follow us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, updates will also be provided to local media outlets as they occur and on the official website: www.coloradoremotetower.com.

Q. How else can I get involved in aviation?

A. Civil Air Patrol – Thompson Valley Composite: www.tvcseagles.com
EAA Chapter 515: www.515.eaachapter.org
FNL Pilot’s Association: www.fnlpilots.org

Q. Can I rent your runway for photos/events/non-aeronautical use?

A. The Airport is not able to close its runway for non-aeronautical events. Closing our only runway would have significant impact on those who rely on this facility for air transportation needs.