Q. Who regulations UAS operations?

A. FAA regulates all aircraft and the jurisdiction of airspace is solely under the FAA as well.  Regulations for Commercial UAS Operators can be found at:  Further clarification on FAA guidelines are in their Recreational Drone Safety Video.  Full UAS regulations are published at or, the advisory circular is available at

Q. Who do I call to report hazardous UAS operations or to make a complaint regarding UAS operations in our region?

A. Michael Bumberger with the FAA at 310-725-3737.

Q. What Class Airspace is FNL?

A. Currently we are Class E airspace, this will upgrade to Class D once Remote Tower is active (4Q2018).

Q. How do I notify the Airport of my UAS/drone operations?

A. Please fill out the UAS operations form on our site at:, please note ALL UAS operators within a 5 mile radius must fill out this form to notify the Airport of your intended operations, commercial UAS pilots are required to contact TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control) official traffic coordination at 303-342-1500 option 1 for prior authorization of UAS operations within 5 miles of the Airport as well.

Q. How often do I need to notify you of my operations?

A. If you have a standard period of time that you conduct your operations in a set location then please submit one form per location with a range dates for the operations and input this in the notes field of the form (i.e. June-August 2016, MWF from 3-5 pm).  However, if you operations are commercial, you will need to submit a form for every location and input your exact dates of operation in the notes if there will be multiple operations at that location.  If you have operations out of the ordinary please contact our Business Services coordinator, Shawn Battmer, at 970-962-2851 or at

Q. Do I really need to contact the helipads and other airfields on the Knowbeforeyoufly map?

A. The following guidance was provided by our local FAA office:
All UAS operations within a 5 mile radius of other airfields and helipads AND there is a phone number listed for them, then yes you need to contact them about your operations as well.  Whether that needs to be for each instance is up to each airfield/helipad operator so you will need to confirm what their notification requirements are.  If no number is listed for the airfield or helipad then you may still fly ONLY if it is safe to do so, do not interfere with manned aircraft you see, avoid manned aircraft at all times, and proceed with extreme caution.

Q. How do I get blanket approval for my UAS/drone operations?

A. Requests for a Waiver/​Airspace Authorization for Commercial Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) may only be granted by the FAA at:  Please note this form should only be used to request waivers or airspace authorizations under Title 14 CFR Part 107; it is NOT for modelers or hobbyists flying in accordance with the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (P.L. 112-95, Section 336).

Once you are granted your sUAS waiver then you will no longer need to fill out our form or notify TRACON.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the Remote Tower is active (4Q2018) these requirements/notifications will change.

Q. If I have an sUAS waiver granted do I still need to fill our your form?

A. IF your waiver is approved then please follow whatever other stipulations come with your waiver; however, we do not require you to fill out our form.  Again this will change once Remote Tower is active (4Q2018) and you will need to coordinate with air traffic controllers in our Remote Tower at that time.