Business and General Aviation

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Economic Development and/or Economic Health directly benefit from having an airport. Accessibility is crucial to allow businesses to grow and thrive. Public airports serve the same role that major highways and interstates provide to the community at large and for businesses. Several major business players utilize our Airport with based flight departments. The support from their businesses help provide significant support for our local communities allowing for the high quality of life we have all come to appreciate here in  Northern Colorado.

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Business Aviation 

General Aviation 

On-Airport business provide services for the general aviation community with many of these resulting in benefits for the community at large. General Aviation includes aviation training, aircraft repairs and avionics, government contract services, and fixed based operators (like a gas station for aircraft).

Flight Training 

Student pilots go on to serve as commercial pilots or general aviation pilots which may include business aviation, pilots for emergency services such as flight for life, angel flights, medivac pilots, fire services, and police. Northern Colorado Regional Airport has three highly acclaimed flight schools. Aims Community College flight department, The Flying School, and The New Leading Edge Flight Training. All three schools offer discovery flights with licenses that leads to higher than average paying careers in aviation.

Helicopter Services

Trans Aero Helicopter service provides contract services for governmental and private entities. Most of their services include assistance with emergency services like wildfire mitigation other services include seismic exploration, construction support, surveying, filming, and helicopter repairs. Their services not only provide important economic benefits but also invisible benefits for the general public.

Aircraft Repair Shops & Avionics

Aircraft repair shops repair aircraft and provide annual service to ensure aircraft in the air are safe and functional. These services are required by ALL aircraft. Northern Colorado Regional Airport has two aircraft repair shops, The New Firewall Forward and Professional Aircraft Services. Avionics shops ensure aircraft are updated and in compliance with the latest FAA regulations to fly, such as updating older aircraft with ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast) which allows an aircraft to determine its position via satellite navigation and broadcasts its location, enabling it to be tracked. This increases safety and awareness for other pilots in the air and for air traffic control towers. The Airport has one avionics shop, Avionics Specialists.

Fixed Based Operator (FBO)

Fixed based operators, or FBOs provide support services for all aircraft, general, business, military, etc… They are similar to a gas station for cars; however, they provide additional services such as assisting pilots and their passengers with obtaining rental cars, local lodging, cleaning of the aircraft, catering services, flight preparation, deicing aircraft in addition to fueling. KFNL has one FBO, Fort Collins-Loveland jetCenter. Airports cannot truly function without the presence of at least one FBO.