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Master Plan 2007

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport is an important commercial service and general aviation airport serving northern Colorado. In an effort to ensure that the airport continues serving the communities in the most positive manner the Airport’s Master Plan was recently updated.

The Master Plan Update was a re-evaluation of existing and future aviation demands, along with an accompanying analysis of future facility needs. The emphasis of the Master Plan Update was on the physical development of airport property to meet aviation demands; in addition, other factors were considered such as environmental and issues related to the Airport’s environs (surrounding land uses, natural features, and man-made infrastructure).

The recommended plan took into consideration both existing and projected conditions, as well as input from a Study Committee, Airport Management, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the public. The Master Plan Update was completed in July 2006 and officially approved by the FAA and Cities in June of 2007.

2007 Master Plan

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Inventory of Existing Conditions

Forecasts of Aviation Activity

Capacity Analysis & Facility Requirements