Airline FAQs

Q. Do you fly to Vegas?

A. No, we currently do not have any Airlines that fly to Vegas or anywhere else.

Q. When will Elite Airways continue flights and/or where?

A. Questions on routes and availability on the offerings of those routes are best directed to the Airline themselves as the Airport does not control when commercial flights will occur or where.  You can reach Elite Airways at or 1-877-393-2510.

Q. How do I find a charter; hire those small planes; how much to get those small Cessnas to fly me somewhere; how do I get a pilot to fly me somewhere?

A. Sometimes the pilots at the flight training schools will offer such services privately.  Go to our Business Directory and scroll down to flight training to contact the schools located on our Airport.  Please note costs to hire a pilot typically include the costs to rent the plane, the fuel, the pilot’s time, and the landing and/or ramp tie-down fees for the entire duration of your trip.

For a list of air charter operators in Colorado you can see the list at:  However, please note as a public Airport, we are available for any operator.

Q. Where can I book a flight?

A. For Commercial Airlines:
At this time we do not have any commercial airlines servicing our Airport.
For Vacation Charter Packages:
Riverside Casino packages can be booked directly with the Resort at Riverside Casino or contact them at 1-800-227-3849.
Harrah’s Casino packages can be booked directly with the Resort at Harrah’s Casino or contact them at 1-800-315-9113.

Q. How early should I arrive for my flight?

A. Every charter or airline has their own guidelines, it is best to check with your specific airline or charter.

The Vacation Charters at our Airport have recommended arriving 2 hours prior to departure and have left prior to scheduled departure when ALL passengers have boarded.  However, please contact your specific charter company to verify their boarding procedures.  Riverside Resort’s flight information may be found here.  Harrah’s Laughlin Caesar Casion’s flight information may be found here.

Q. What can I bring on the plane?

A. Please see TSA Screening for TSA flight restrictions and check with your specific charter or airline on their own guidelines.  Riverside Resort’s flight information may be found here.  Harrah’s Laughlin Caesar Casion’s flight information may be found here.

Q. How much is parking?

A. Overnight parking is $5 per night. Payment can be made at the Kiosks, one is near the terminal doors and a second one is in the middle of the parking lot. Just place your receipt face up on your dash where it will be visible for parking attendants. If you are parking momentarily to pick someone up from arrivals then you do not have to pay for parking. GreenRide passengers receive parking passes from their shuttle drivers as part of their shuttle service and do not have to pay for a separate parking pass provided the pass was placed in their windshield as required.


Q. What are the Airport’s hours of operation?

A. The Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Year round!  The Administration office is open M-F 8-5; however, our FBO (Fixed Based Operator), JetCenter, is open 24 hours, 7 days a week too!

Q. Do you have ground transportation available? (Rental cars, taxis, shuttles, or buses)

A. Greenride shuttle is available at the Airport. Other forms of ground transportation are available from the surrounding Cities but are not available on-Airport.

Q. Where is your lost and found?

A. Please contact our FBO, Jetcenter at 970-667-2574.

Q. How do I get my kid or myself set up with those introductory flights?

A. You can contact the Fort Collins EAA Chapter 515 Young Eagles program for flight experiences and other flight-related activities for kids and the EAA Eagle Flights program for adults.