Land Use Compatibility & Airport Influence Area Development Recommendations

Draft AIA Study Summary

Historically, evidence suggests a disconnect between airport planning and municipal planning has existed. Although airports are generally recognized as significant community assets, their inclusion in comprehensive municipal planning processes is typically limited. In most cases, airport planning is conducted as a separate process. As a result, incompatible development within the vicinity of airports can occur, which can then create a negative relationship between airports and the communities they serve.

The area of impact around airports is typically referred to as the airport environs, or the Airport Influence Area (AIA). Although the boundary of the Airport is contained within the City of Loveland, Airport operations, both positively and negatively impact land uses within Larimer County, the City of Fort Collins, and even sections of additional surrounding localities. To ensure compliance with all major stakeholder plans and policies while striving to realize its own goals, the Airport is seeking to update its AIA plan to achieve a strategy for land use and infrastructure on and around the facility that takes into consideration the established values of the surrounding communities.