Airport Layout Plan Update

The primary, graphical communication vehicle between an Airport and its users, Federal and State regulators, its local communities and the Public is an Airport Layout Plan (ALP). The Airport Layout Plan graphically depicts future aeronautical facilities, (runways, taxiways, aprons, terminal, hangars, and navigation aids) and uses FAA Airport Design Criteria to determination proper placement and compliance.

A typical ALP includes several sheets that define specific elements of an airport, including:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Future Airport Layout Drawing
  • Terminal Area Plan Drawings (multiple)
  • Inner Portion of the Approach Surface Drawings (multiple)
  • On and Off-Airport Land Use Drawings
  • Existing Airport Layout Drawing
  • Airport Data Tables Sheet
  • Airport Airspace Sheet
  • Runway Departure Surfaces
  • Property Map

The ALP will be reviewed by the FAA to determine if the proposed development meets FAA standards. The FAA will also conduct an airspace analysis of the proposed development illustrated on the ALP.