Facility Requirements

Capacity Analysis & Facility Requirements

FNL DRAFT Facility Requirements

Part of the process of estimating future airport needs requires determining whether the current capacity of an airport can support anticipated demand in the future. The “demand‐capacity” analysis is used to identify whether there are facility deficiencies or surpluses, as well as opportunities for future development. Ultimately, this analysis yields information that is used to design the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and set the stage for development over the next 20 years. The capacity analysis prepared for Northern Colorado Regional Airport as part of this chapter suggests that the Airport should continue to plan for a parallel runway to meet future demand, as shown on the Airport’s current ALP.

The future facility requirements and development standards summarized in this chapter are based on current FAA design standards and the Airport’s strategic development initiatives, as well as the capability of the Airport’s existing facilities to accommodate the future facility needs rooted in the forecasts of aviation demand presented in the previous chapter, Chapter 3 – Aviation Activity Forecasts.