This page will provide future announcements of meetings (location, time, date) regarding the Airport Master Plan. Three Public Open houses will be scheduled, one near the start of the project, one in the middle of the project, and one near the conclusion. 

If you would like to provide observations on the Airport Master Plan documents and process, please fill out our feedback form below or send us an email at


    My relationship to the Northern Colorado Regional Airport includes (select all that apply) (required)
    I own and/or operate an aircraft at the airportI work at the airport or on airport-owned propertyI lease a hangar, building, building space, and/or property from the Airport AdministrationI live near the airport flight pathsI am a business traveler through the airportI am a leisure traveler through the airportI provide ground transportation services to/from the airportI provide contracted goods or services to the Airport AdministrationMy business benefits directly from pilots, passengers, aircraft or goods traveling into or out of the airportOther

    Which of the following possible improvements at FNL would be most important to you? (select all that apply) (required)
    Additional/Improved hangarsLonger runwayWider runwayNew/Improved aircraft servicesNew/Improved commercial passenger air serviceNew commercial passenger terminalRestaurantOther

    A printable version may be downloaded HERE.  Please email the survey to the Airport, at:

    Airport Directors Office
    c/o FNL survey
    4900 Earhart Rd
    Loveland, CO 80538