Remote Tower

The Remote Tower Project has experienced additional delays due to its innovative nature of being the first in our nation. Unlike the SAAB Remote Tower in Virginia this is a public endeavor which involved FAA oversight on the project planning. Please note this entire project is user funded by fees from aviation fuel and aviation use tax. If the airport were to go with a conventional air traffic control tower the local tax payers would need to come up with $10-$15 million dollars in taxes to fund it. This current model will solve the problem of air traffic control with no cost to the local tax payer. Once this project is certified by the FAA this will provide the blueprint for Remote Towers for other airports across our nation.

ATC clearance areas

The reminder signs below will be installed at the movement area boundaries:

Project Background

Please see the Colorado Remote Tower Project website hosted by the Colorado State Division of Aeronautics for more information.

Remote Tower Tours

There may be tour availability in 2020 after Phase 1.  More information will be provided as it is available.