Phase 1 COMPLETED APRIL 29, 2022


Air Traffic Control

10 Hours / 7 Days a Week

*operational hours may change based on project testing

KFNL ATC phone number 970-962-2867



Tower: 118.400 MHz

Ground: 121.650 MHz

ATIS: 135.075 MHz

UNICOM ASRI: 130.575 MHz

Current CTAF: 122.700 MHz

CTAF when ATCT not in operation

Switches to AWOS when ATCT not in operation

jetCenter FBO


Will be eliminated (Tower monitored during testing)

ATC clearance areas

These reminder signs are at each movement area boundary:

Please see the Colorado Remote Tower Project website hosted by the Colorado State Division of Aeronautics for more information.

Project Background

Remote Tower Tours

Tour availability will be limited to after  system certification.

Remote Tower Mailing List