Pilots Information at FNL

Colorado Aeronautics Board

The seven-member Colorado Aeronautical Board (CAB) was created by statute in 1988 and is responsible for aviation development in Colorado. Members of the Board represent specific statewide aviation interests.

Colorado Airport Operators Association (CAOA)

CAOA serves the common interests of the owners, operators and users of the 74 public use airports located throughout the State of Colorado

FNL Pilot Association

Local pilot group supporting the continued use of FNL, provide a forum for pilots, create a channel for communication to the pilot community, and promote aviation-related education for pilots an the general public.

Colorado Aviation Business Association

The Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) is a grass-roots membership organization focused on the support and promotion of Business and General Aviation across the State of Colorado.

Colorado Pilots Association

Colorado Pilots Association is a statewide organization that promotes aviation and flight safety, protect the rights of pilots, and assists the general public in aviation matters.

Full Service FBO

Fort Collins-Loveland jetCenter

Contact jetCenter for aircraft services

4824 Earhart Road
Loveland, CO 80538

(970) 667-2574
Fax: (970) 667-9038

ASRI Frequency 130.575 MHz

Hours of Operation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week









“The Importance of Reporting Bird Strikes” By Colorado Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics

Report Strike

  •  Quick turns
  • Fuel
  • Ramp & hangars
  • De-ice type I & IV
  • Catering
  • Crew & rental cars
  • Crew shower
  • Pilots lounge
  • Conference room
  • GPU/Lav
  • Potable water services
  • Flight planning
  • Free Wi-Fi











The FAA needs everyone’s help in reporting laser incidents. If you are the victim of a laser incident or you witness a laser incident, please report it to FAA.