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Badge applications accepted by Electronic process below or by appointment
to support State and County Health agencies’ recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Transportation Security Administration Regulations

New Applications (Non-renewal)

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require the control and management of access to the Airport. The area under restricted access is referred to as the Airport Operations Area or AOA and is defined as any portion of the Airport where aircraft take off, land, taxi, or are stored. All NEW badges (not renewals), will need to complete and provide the following:

  • Badge Application
  • Read the AOA Training Manual
  • Ensure you bring the proper Identification (No copies) accepted by TSA:
    • Active passport OR
    • Active Driver’s license AND
      • Social Security card or
      • Birth Certificate or
      • Greencard OR I-94 if non-citizen
    • Other acceptable forms of identification are listed on  Attachment B  of the Badge Application
  • Airport business employees, students, and members of qualified aviation organizations (Civil Air Patrol) MUST have their applications signed by their organization’s authorized signatory PRIOR to bringing their applications to the Airport.

                          Electronic Application Process – New Applications

    • Fill out an application and read New AOA Training
      • When you apply your digital signature on the application you will need to right click to apply your certified signature.
      • Wet signatures on the application and uploading the document (image or pdf) is also acceptable
    • Color scan or take a picture of your valid IDs
      • Active passport OR
      • Active Driver’s license AND
        • Social Security card or
        • Birth Certificate or
        • Greencard OR I-94 if non-citizen
        • See Attachment B for other acceptable forms of identification
    • Take an in color selfie, shoulders and above with a blank background (blank wall, etc…)
    • Then upload your files to our secure upload link

    Upload Completed Applications

    We will contact you once your background has cleared (minimum of 5 business days)

    To Pick-up every applicant will need to:

    • Bring their valid IDs with them for staff to verify (No Copies)
    • Sign the badge receipt agreement (No proxies)
    • Pay $15.00 for the badge (No cash)

    For badging questions please contact Francis Robbins at 970-962-2853 or Simeon Anderson at 970-962-2860

                          Badge Appointment Calendar

    Schedule your appointment for badge applications, renewals, or pickups in the booking calendar below or call 970-962-2851. One slot may be used for multiple badgeholders within the same household. At the time of your appointment please come to the front desk for Airport Administration at 4900 Earhart Road, Loveland, CO 80538.

    Airport Security Badge Renewals

    2020 badges are now expired and NO LONGER VALID and you will need to reapply for a new Airport access badge. Please bring your old prox card as it can be reused or you will also be assessed a lost badge fee.

    Badge Fees

    Badges are $15. The fee to replace a lost or stolen badge is $25.

    Acceptable forms of payment include credit/debit card or check (Payable to City of Loveland):

    Badge Communications

    For your convenience, courtesy reminders are emailed for renewals. However, please remember it is your responsibility to renew your badge if you wish to maintain your access to the Airport. Courtesy reminders are emailed in order to reduce costs for Airport users. Badging costs due to TSA requirements encompass background checks, materials, training, equipment, and countless administrative hours. Current badging fees do not cover the minimum costs related to badging. Airport users can help keep fees down by ensuring compliance with badging requirements.

    If you miss the deadline for renewal, which is also printed on the face of your badge, your badge will be turned off on the expiration date. After a one (1) month grace period you will need to restart the application process. Thank you for your assistance to keep the Airport compliant with Federal requirements!