Airport Data

Preferred Traffic Flow

The Airport is home to three flight training schools, three fixed-wing schools. At this time there is no helicopter school open to the public. For safety and to simplify radio communications, the Airport has worked with the helicopter flight school on a modified traffic pattern for rotor wing traffic.The preferred traffic flow pattern above is only recommended for safety; however, these are not a set requirement as patterns are ultimately up to the discretion of the pilot based on aircraft type, weather, and other conditions to best accommodate safe operations.

A Note for the non-aeronautical community: Aircraft take-offs and landings are not restricted by the FAA’s minimum safe altitude requirement.

Runway 15/33: 8,500 feet long, 100 feet wide

Crosswind 06/24: 2,273’ x 40’

High-intensity lighting

Direct, no-delay, all-weather ATC approaches


Based aircraft: 245

Hangars: 210

GROUND: 121.650 MHz

TOWER/CTAF: 118.400 MhZ
Tower hours: 0800-1800

ASRI: 130.575 MHz

Full service FBO with jet fuel and avgas

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