Airport Data

Preferred Traffic Flow

The Airport is home to three flight training schools, two fixed-wing schools and one helicopter school.  For safety and to simplify radio communications, the Airport has worked with the helicopter flight school on a modified traffic pattern for rotor wing traffic. The preferred traffic flow pattern above is only recommended for safety; however, these are not a set requirement as patterns are ultimately up to the discretion of the pilot based on aircraft type, weather, and other conditions to best accommodate safe operations.

A Note for the non-aeronautical community: Aircraft take-offs and landings are not restricted by the FAA’s minimum safe altitude requirement.

Runway 15/33: 8,500 feet long, 100 feet wide

Crosswind 06/24: 2,273’ x 40’

High-intensity lighting

Direct, no-delay, all-weather ATC approaches


Based aircraft: 245

Hangars: 210

CTAF: 122.7

AWOS: 135.075

Full service FBO with jet fuel and avgas

For more information, please see the following link:

Prioritized Snow & Ice Control Plan