Badge Application  |  Non-Movement Area Driver’s Training Manual

Transportation Security Administration Regulations


During shelter-in-place orders, please contact staff to apply for security badges as the process has been adjusted to help preserve the health of our staff and the public. (preferred) or 970-962-2853

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require the FNL Airport to badge individuals who have un-escorted access to the Airport Operating Area (AOA).  The AOA is defined as any portion of the Airport where aircraft take off, land, taxi, or are hangared. For a NEW badge (not renewal), you will need to complete and provide the following:

  • Badge Application WITH Non-Movement Area Driver’s Test
  • Read the Non-Movement Driver’s Training Manual
  • Ensure you bring the proper ID (i.e. Social Security Card if using your Driver’s License as Photo ID, however an active passport is preferable, copies will NOT suffice)

*NOTE* Flight school employees, on-airport business employees, and Civil Air Patrol members MUST have their applications signed by their authorized signatory on page 2 of their application PRIOR to bringing the application in to the Airport.

Badge Fees & Requirements

Badges are $15. The fee to replace a lost or stolen badge is $25.

No application is needed to renew. Bring your badge to the Airport Administration office, pay the fee and you’re on your way. Badge Renewal begins August 19. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday in Fire Station 4 (4900 Earhart Road Loveland).

Acceptable forms of payment include credit/debit card or check:

Badge Communications

For your convenience, courtesy reminders are emailed for renewals. However, please remember it is your responsibility to renew your badge if you wish to maintain your access to the Airport. Courtesy reminders are emailed in order to reduce costs for Airport users. Badging costs due to TSA requirements encompass background checks, materials, training, equipment, and countless administrative hours. Current badging fees do not cover the minimum costs related to badging. Airport users can help keep fees down by ensuring compliance with badging requirements.

If you miss the deadline for renewal, which is also printed on the face of your badge, your badge will be turned off on the expiration date. After one (1) month you will need to restart the application process. Thank you for your assistance to keep the Airport compliant with Federal requirements!