Community Impact

Why the Airport matters for the region…

Public Services



• Business and Investment
• Jobs
• Tourism Revenues
• Hotels, Restaurants, & Rental Cars
• College Sports
• Aerial Fire Fighting
• Medical Transportation
• Other Emergency response
• Utility Maintenance
• Military Aviation



General & Business Aviation




• On Airport Jobs
• Airport Related Jobs
• Jobs at Companies that use the Airport
• Attract and retain existing Companies
• Education





NoCO Regional is one of the most diverse airports in our state, supporting a mix of almost every facet of air transportation for the region.  There are four main categories of aviation at our Airport.  Business, General Aviation, Commercial, and Public Service.  We host commercial flights, corporate and business aircraft operations, flight training, air ambulance flights, emergency air services involved in fighting natural disasters (like wildfires), and military operations.  We are also a diversion Airport for Frontier, Southwest, and United Airlines when landing at DIA is not possible.  The athletic teams at our local Universities and their rivals use our Airport as well.  Many businesses are based on the activities supported by our Airport, which generate specialized employment opportunities that earn greater than average wages.  This level of activity and those jobs contribute significant impacts to the total economic output for our region.  To expand on each impact item, please click the category above.