The Northern Colorado Regional Airport recently completed the Master Plan update. Master Plans evaluates existing and future aviation demand, and provides a thorough analysis of future facility needs. The Master Plan focuses on the physical development of Airport property and reserving space for forecasted aviation activity. In addition, other factors relating to the Airport and its environs have been evaluated, including surrounding land uses, environmental impacts, and infrastructure. The Master Plan also provides guidance for compatible development within the Airport Influence Area, yielding a community-supported, data-driven, achievable strategy for land use near the Airport.

This Plan considers both existing and projected needs, and incorporates input from the public, Airport Commission, Planning and Development Sub Committee, Airport Management, and Federal Aviation Administration.

The final public open house was held virtually via Zoom on August 6, 2020. Visit the Master Plan Meeting page at for video of the meeting and see the FAQ for responses to questions received.

The Airport Commission approved the Master Plan Update at the regularly scheduled meeting on September 17, 2020 with Resolution R-05-2020. The City of Loveland approved and adopted the Airport’s Master Plan at their City Council meeting on November 3, 2020 with Resolution R-107-2020. The City of Fort Collins approved and adopted the Airport’s Master Plan at their City Council meeting on November 17, 2020 with Resolution 104.

Master Plan Update – Final Draft (full study) please note this is a large file

Airport Master Plan Cover and Table of Contents 

Airport Master Plan Executive Summary 

Chapter 1: Introduction and Goals 

Chapter 2: Inventory of Existing Conditions 

Chapter 3: Aviation Activity Forecast 

Chapter 4: Capacity Analysis & Facility Requirements 

Chapter 5: Alternatives Analysis 

Chapter 6: AIA Market Analysis and Recommendations Study Summary 

Chapter 7: Airport Plans 

Chapter 8: Development Program and Needs Assessment 

Chapter 9: Financial Implementation Analysis 


Appendix A – Acronyms and Glossary 

Appendix B – AIA Market Analysis and Recommendations Study

Appendix C – Passenger Demand Analysis 

Appendix D – General Aviation Industry Analysis 

Appendix E – Operator Facility Needs Assessment 

Appendix F – Airport Recycling, Reuse, and Waste Reduction Plan 

Appendix G – Airport Layout Plan